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Welcome to our homepage ""

The purpose of this website

340 days a year we hang around somewhere. Sitting at home in front of a computer, sitting in an office, in a shop, sitting in a lecture room, on a chair at school. They don't ask, "do you want to be at this place". It simply is like it is. To toe the line is a matter of course. In Germany we say: "We are swimming with the stream ". By accident or because it always was like it is now, we attended a certain school, we learned a certain trade. We do our job, like it is expected.

And than, there are the 20 to 30 days, called holiday. Do we want to let things slide, like it is expected, like it is prepared from the tourism industry? Be in a Hotel in Brighton, at a pool in Spain?

This few days, which are available individual for us. Why don't we carry it in our own hand? Let's go back to our roots. To the lower-order needs, the needs of the sapient. Achieve one's aim with the aid of the power of our own body. Hunting ... --- prowling ... --- freedom unlimited ... --- trekking ... --- forward by bike. Sunhat, cagoule and maybe stove and tent in the baggage. When we reach our target we performed a brilliant achievement. 500 km, 1000 km and more we will have covered.

If you search in the internet for tips and concepts, mostly you will find arranged trips. The baggage will be carried by car parallel to the route and a hotel room is reserved. Do you feel freedom and adventure with this arranged trips? To give "real" trekkers a chance to share their knowledge, we decided to offer this website.

It should give tips and suggestions for the next trip. It should show you nice passages, areas, tourist features and where to stay overnight. It also should give you warnings of bad bicycle routes, dangerous road traffic and no possibilities to spend the night somewhere. But not alone this, what ever will cross your mind to the theme velo-trekking, here it will find its own place. Detailed statements to the equipment are also desired like philosophical threads to the theme. Whatever in your mind is ready to be posted. If you hear the word trekking and your heart will change the frequency, your are right here, on this website, then your article is welcome here.

We constructed it as a forum/blog, so that you can publish your experiences and finally the whole internet community will stand to benefit from it. No registration or login is required.


Everything on this side is for free. It is gratis to look through the blog. And it is free of costs to post a article/comment.

Your advices

We allways feel very happy to receive emails from you with advices about typing errors or other tips. Always very welcome are your pieces of advice, that are very conducive for the success of our webside.

Content of the particular pages

• Welcome The welcome-page shows you the meaning of this internetportal. In few words: This is a forum for people who like to spend their holidays with bicycle.

• Blog     Did you have a nice cycling tour, and you would like to post it in the internet? Similary do you have other information on the subject of velo trekking, that would be very interesting for others? Or do you want to gather information for your next velo trekking? Well then, this blog is your platform. Here you can discuss about nearly everything you want, no matter if you differ a little bit from the subject "velo trekking".

• Specialists     This page wants to guide you on the way to a bicycle specialist, who can help you in all affairs.

• Links     Helpful links to the terms "trekking" and/or "bicycle" are accumulated here for you.

And here you will
find us in the




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